The Guy, Not The Tiger Said This

For the last couple of years I have not been curious about much of anything, to be blunt I was to tired to deal with surprises, I did not want to be faced with any more uncertainty. To paint a little picture,  I did not want to travel anywhere without detailed directions and absolute assurances that I would arrive there safely.

That is changing- so I’ve found a quote to celebrate curiosity and a great picture to go with it.

Anita Marie

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.”

Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes English philosopher

As an FYI ” Hobbes ” from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons was named after Thomas Hobbes 


Good Bye

Word of the Day Challenge: Vendetta

I have stories to write

a dog to walk

an  18 year old deaf cat, slightly crippled  by arthritis who thinks he is an indestructible big dog whose remaining days, no matter how long or short they are days that I want to give him that any big indestructible dog would envy.


I have a new language to learn, new books to read, some ghost towns to explore, a cemetery or two to visit because the days will be getting longer and the nights a little lighter.


There is also a pool of bad blood

festering along the walkway in front of my house.

Maybe I’ll just leave it

a memorial to all the days I’ve lost

to the friends I’ve lost, to those Christmas cards that will never be sent , to the calls I will never make to them  again.

Maybe it belongs there

for now.