America and Me


I watched President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris become

President Biden and Vice President Harris.

The Inauguration events I streamed on line were spectacular.

The music was great, the speakers were inspirational  and I loved the clothes and the mittens that Bernie wore. The only disappointing moment for me was that Champ and Major weren’t there too.

That night I watched the concerts, loved the fireworks and then I watched some recaps on the news.

Then I went to Facebook and saw a derogatory comment about President Biden and told the commentator- here are my exact words ” You’re a fool. “

For that I was sent to Facebook Jail for 24 Hours because I bullied a Trumphumper.

So all in all.

It was a perfect day for America and Me.

And Dare I say Champ and Major.

The biography for @First_Dogs_USA  reads, “We are the First Dogs of the USA, Champ and Major Biden. You can call us #DOTUS. We love nom noms, snuggles and we can’t wait to explore the WH!”