Mooch Poco

Word of the Day Challenge: Mooch

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Mooch candy

mooch cake

mooch wine

mooch  kisses

because they taste good when you get them on the sly

off of someone else’s plate


Mooch time

mooch attention

mooch the air out of everyone  else’s lungs

like a vampire who would rather be driven to the kill

then fly

on it’s own neglected wings





sliding through life, strolling through memories

that were never yours

to be part of, to share,  Mooch.

Check This Box

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Catagory


Big boxes

little boxes

beds of marble

names carved in stone

How dignified ,how organzied, how neat.


We spend our lives striving to be unique and special

we roar, we  talk out of turn, we laugh to  loud

and forget to close our mouths when we are chewing

our food.

Sometimes we drive our cars to fast and yell at our dogs.


But in the end

we obediently  line up in neatly plotted rows

and allowed ourselves to be labeled with just a few simple words etched in granite that

disappear slowly

and in an orderly fashion  over time.

Janet Brooks on Broadway in Sleepy Hollow next to Dutch Reformed Church

Tea With Nan

RDP Thursday: Penumbra

Andrea Kowch ” Soiree”

I was taught

how to take my tea

how to start a conversation and end one too.


I was taught

table manners

how to speak clearly, to read at least one book a month

to be a lady even if

I never wore high heels or fancied up my hair

by my Great Grandmother

who I called Nan.


My Great Grandmother told me, at tea

her father died by drowning.

He slid off of an icy path, hit his head.

He never had a chance, she said, to fight death when it came.

Her eyes were as hard and flat as stones when she told me

her story.


I remember the edges of her mouth were turned down-

was it disgust? Anger? I don’t know.

I wouldn’t have dared to ask.


But that one moment

the story about that death

by drowning, when it was snowing

cast half shadows across every page I have ever written