I Assume You Mean Macbeth? Month of Love #8

Paula Light’s challenge: , “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve (aka love) by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.

When my niece was reading Macbeth in school, I told her all about how it  is bad luck to say  ” Macbeth ” in a theater.

Why? She asked.

Because the actors back in Shakespeare’s  time were are insane I said and they started that superstition.

Oh she waited for me to continue.

That’s all I got, I told her. They’re insane. I think it had something to do with the makeup they wore back then.  I think it had LSD in it,  I said sternly.

She waited for me to fess up.

I smiled.

And I did not fess up.

But for the curious you can read about the real reason HERE. It’s not as fun as my reason though.



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