The Almost Girl

Word of The Day Challenge: Penalty



You have such a big mouth

that’s all anyone sees

when you open it and talk

there’s  nothing to hear

you have such a big mouth

you need to shut it,.


You are not as smart as you think you are

quit being a show off, let someone else have a turn

just because you read a lot

doesn’t mean your smart

did you hear me? You have such a big mouth, you need to shut it.


Nothing you do

hasn’t been done  better by others before

quit acting like you are so special you’re just a show off

even you know it’s true

Wipe smile off your face and while you are at

You have a big mouth, you need to shut it.


Why won’t you go out

why don’t you have any friends

why don’t you act like a normal girl, a regular kid

it’s like you don’t even really exist.

All you do is sit there and stare

Speak! Say Something! That’s what your big mouth is for.


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