Red Mouth

Word of the Day Challenge: Mawkish

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He wanted me to meet

his Soulmate, the Love of His Life

a woman like no other.


She was a poet, an artist

acerbic and sweet

a delicious mixture of confusion and hope.


So I sat across from her

and watched mangled words and metaphors

die on her overly red and nicotine stained lips.


I mourn for those minutes

that died on the clock that day,

gone forever never to be had again.


2 thoughts on “Red Mouth

  1. The old saying that love is blind – or blinded- seems to be true. We always wind up seeing that which we most desire in our infatuations. there’s a song by Warren Zevon about a dalliance going on in the dark of a bar, but when the lights came up at closing he saw the true face of his inamorato, and it wasn’t pretty.

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