The Radio Had Eyes

RDP Friday: Workshop

My Grandpa Bert’s workshop was full of radios and the tubes that went inside of them.

The radios were lined up on wooden shelves- some of them were very old and my favorites had eyes ( they were always gray ) just above the tuning dials.  I didn’t like the newer radios. They were in plastic cases and none of them had eyes or faces.

He kept the tubes in handcrafted boxes that you kept fancy silverware in. It turned out that those were antiques and made from expensive wood.

He also had a poster of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the wall and I’m pretty sure she was naked.

My Grandpa also had a walk in closet where he kept some trunks that were full of props that had belonged to my Grandmother’s father who had been a magician. The trunks were locked and once I asked Grandpa to open them and he said, ” only a magician could open those trunks. ”

It turned out to be true. The locks were little puzzle locks and they were a Devil to work with.

But eventually someone figured it out.


My Workshop is a desk with a laptop sitting all alone on a boring table.

My dog likes to take his hundred upon hundreds of toys in there and play with them- sometimes it looks like a Barkbox factory blew up in there. Sometimes I read in there and sometimes I play my guitar in there too.

It’s not a boring workshop.

On the other hand, my radio doesn’t have a gray eye above the dial and my closet is full of books and not Magician’s trunks.

I worry about what my Granddaughter will think about my Workshop- but the simple truth is there isn’t anything to remember about it. Is there?




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  1. Ah, those eyes, I remember them well, now that you reminded me of them. I used to fix those old radios back in the day (1970s) for farmers who couldn’t bear to give up on those favorite old radios by then supplanted by little tinny plastic boxes.

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