Thinking of You

Promptuarium: THE SHROUD

Sianna Fortier died all alone in her hospital bed, just before breakfast.

The hospital called for us to take her away, and in theirpolite yet clinical way they asked us to be quick about it- it’s a myth you know that there are miles and miles of drawers in the morgue for the recently departed. At most there are four and that’s in a big hospital.

I assumed they had a full house, as it were , and I pulled together the appropriate paperwork and I was on my way.

It was a quick drive, it was raining and I turned the radio off so I could listen to it.

When I arrived to take collect Sianna, she had been covered with a soft yellow and pink fleece blanket. There was a little stuffed panda, no bigger then my hand nestled next to her jaw.

I pulled the blanket back,  folded it and set aside and I wondered who had done that- it wasn’t something that hospital staff did. Cover them with a sheet, yes. With something personal. No.

I pulled the streatcher up up next to the bed and I was about to slide Sianna onto it when I remembered to move the little panda-it was gone.

I check the floor, the bedding and then I reached over and checked her hand. That’s where I found the Panda.

It had a  little red banner across it’s chest that said, ” Thinking of You. ”

It looked very old.


I suppose Sianna’s story could have been a ghost story. But in the end I couldn’t tell it that way.

Sianna was a lady who died alone and probably lived alone and maybe before she left this world for the next she wanted to give some comfort to the place she had called home for her entire life.

It was a kind thing to do.

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