Alfreda’s House

PROMPTUARIUM Prompt: I Remember

Andrew Wyeth

I remember

Alfreda’s  house around the corner from where I lived

it was full of dusty people

and unmade beds

watery shadows

trapped in dirty windows

that looked out over a field

where a scarecrow had  a blanket covered with

Chrysanthemums and the white Carnations

draped over it’s head.


The scarecrow in Alfreda’s field

waited for the birds to come back

but they never did.


It was a shame because

that scarecrow was very

hungry and the days in that field

never came

but the night always did and sometimes

I thought I saw the Scarecrow  turn it’s head towards the house

and sometimes I thought I heard

all of the doors in Alfreda’s house

slam shut  with rusty terrified screams.


2 thoughts on “Alfreda’s House

  1. I’ve always wondered what that would look like- I mean, I can see it in my head very clearly. I only write what I can see and not what I ‘think’ should be there. Sometimes that doesn’t always look good in prose but it’s messy if I try to fill in the gaps. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to see what something would look like on the screen.

  2. Very neat. I do video and much of your work would script or storyboard wonderfully for film and video; the images and scenes are very clear and descriptive.

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