How Shirley Haunted A House

Today for Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday I’ve chosen this quote from Shirley Jackson about her process for writing  ghost stories-

She read ” Little Women ” to chase away the ghosts that filled her head  before she went to sleep-

me,  I eat something spicy and hope for the best ( wink ).

I hope you enjoy her quote and the two haunted houses I dug up for you to look at:

The Villisca Ax Murders House

I was already doing a lot of splendid research reading all the books about ghosts I could get hold of, and particularly true ghost stories – so much so that it became necessary for me to read a chapter of _Little Women_ every night before I turned out the light – and at the same time I was collecting pictures of houses, particularly odd houses, to see what I could find to make into a suitable haunted house.

Shirley Jackson

Abandoned Home

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