The Best Night Ever


My plastic jack-o-lanterns, the ones with the crooked black smiles

are stuffed with chocolates  shaped like bones and eyeballs

and something called gummi worms

which in my opinion

are not as tasty or interesting as the real thing.


My costume is set out on my bed upstairs.

It took me all year  to decide on the perfect costume and it came in the mail just



I’m going to be Grandma with a blue wig and wire framed glasses  and my cat is going to

be the  Big Bad Wolf and my dog is

going to be Little Red Riding Hood with bouncy blond curls.


I do not think that they like their costumes. When I pulled them out of their packages

and held them up they ran under the dining room table and when I walk by they snap

their heads away from me and my dog jingles his collar and my cat spits.


” Where is your Spirit boys? It’s Halloween!” I scolded them.


From their temporary home under my dining room table

my dog turns his face away and my cat- who never has a problem with voicing his

disapproval or anger with me says, ” Probably being exorcised by a Priest- as you

very well know.”


” We will take care of that later, ” I promise. ” But tonight  it is Halloween and we have

other things to do. Like have fun for starters. “


I go to the front door, open it just a crack and I make sure no on is outside.

All clear.

I open the door wider and step out onto  the Halloween welcome mat with the  (REALLY?)

smiling witch ( there is no such creature as a smiling witch, trust me  on this one )

and jump up and down on it.


I can hear a the gears that work the trapdoor lock into place and hold.

Oh joy. This is really going to work.


I go back in and as I shut the door.

A tingle rushes up and down my spine and my mouth

starts to water.



every single star in the Universe is lining up  for me and my friends under the dining

room table


 it is

Halloween at last

and we are ready for-


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