Tis The Season


I really do love the Christmas season.

I love the way the lights from candles and lamps have to struggle to be seen

against the the dark cast by the dark winter sky

and I love the random splashes of red all over people’s clothes and on food and the

walls and the ceilings

and the free and easy use of ribbons and bows

tied tight around packages. yeah sure, packages

and the use of poisonous plants like mistletoe


wait for it

decorations where you express love to someone by hanging a sprig of it over someones

head and getting a kiss.

I don’t know, do  you give the kiss if they take it away?  Sounds kinda sketchy to me

which is why I suppose  I’ll jump into the festivities  with everyone else

with a sprig of mistletoe in one hand and a coil of ribbon in the other.

Ho. Ho. Ha.

Ivan Aivazovsky

2 thoughts on “Tis The Season

  1. Combining Christmas and witches “just isn’t done”, but why not? A witch is far more likely to get into a house than an old fat elf, or is Santa really a warlock?

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