My Favorite Holiday Movies

Holidailies Prompt: Tell us about your favorite holiday book or movie?

I watch two traditional Christmas movies during the holidays.

A Christmas Carol

( because it’s chock full of ghosts )  and

It’s A Wonderful Life.

I like It’s A Wonderful Life because when George gets to see what life would have been like without him,  the people whose lives had changed for the worse reminded me of the Pod People in ” Invasion of The Body Snatchers. ” They’re creepy and cold and sly.

When you think about it, they were sort of like Pod People at that stage.

But late, late on Christmas Eve I bust out the Egg Nog and Brandy and I watch two of my  favorite films of all time- The Wolfman and The Mummy.

There is something magical and spooky ( in a good way ) about watching black and white horror films in the dead of night by candlelight ( or the small twinkling lights strung on a tree ).

So I might not look at traditional holiday movies in a very traditional way. And I’ve got a couple in  the rotation that belong to another holiday all together, but does that matter?

It most certainly does not.

Charles Dickens reminds us to keep Christmas in our hearts year round and I do- I also keep a Werewolf and a Mummy, just to keep things interesting.

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