My Favorite Things

October and December are the only months in the ENTIRE year that I look forward to and I enjoy them for the same reasons:

The music, the ghost stories, the food, the snow, the dark,  the cold and those wonderful cloud filled skies.

So when I saw today’s RDP  Prompt was DECEMBER the song ” A Few of My Favorite Things” popped into my head and how is this for a coincidence, my son Julio sent me these pictures from Fox Lake Wisconsin of two of my favorite things in one frame:

Cemeteries and SNOW.

I like whiskers on kittens too. Just in case you are curious.

Photo By J.M. Moscoso

Photo By J.M Moscoso

Photo J.M. Moscoso

Photo J.M. Moscoso

December Homing

Prompt: Day#2- December Homing

Steve Smulka

The sound of your voice

when you laughed, growled and cried

your peppermint flavored kisses

the smell of your skin

when you woke up in the morning

and before you fell asleep at night

fragile memories that I have stored on a shelf

that wobbles when the wind blows through our

empty house

 covered with dust.

The sun tries to shine through the windows

but the cold always finds it’s way in.