Jemma and Georgie

SFC Chocolate Box Prompt: Late Late Last Night

When my sons were around 5 and 6 years old the tv adaptation of ” IT ” was released and of course they weren’t allowed to watch it- not after the incident where they snuck my VHS copy of the “Exorcist”  into their room and watched part of it and truly scared the Hell out of themselves.

I decided to be more careful because when your kids start sleeping with their nerf swords and wearing their bike helmets to bed you have to assume they’re easily traumatized by horror movies and you need to be more strict about what they watch on tv.

Oh but my boys were clever and had stronger nerves then I realized because I had no idea they were sneaking into the living room when I was watching ” IT ” and hiding behind the couch and watching it from there.  I mean looking back on it that was creepy in itself because I had no idea they were in the room with me.

Anyway I was clueless until one night at dinner they had this conversation.

My youngest son Julio apropos of nothing  said ” Does Georgie’s arm float with the boat” and that point they both started to laugh so hard they were spitting food all over the place and it took me a minute to realize because I was distracted by the rain of chewed up food flying all over the place-

” Hey! How do you guys know about Georgie’s arm?”

After a few side eyes to each other they fessed up and when the last episode of the series was aired I let them watch it because at that point why not?

Now let’s fast forward 30 odd years and I’m on the phone with my youngest son Julio and he’s telling me this funny story about how Jemma ( his three year old daughter ) will point to storm drains and red balloons and says something like ” There’s Georgie!”

So yeah. I didn’t ask how Jemma knows about Georgie, storm drains and red balloons. I just figured a couch was involved.

Photo A.M, Moscoso