Random Change




Do you see that sign? The one with the name of the city that nobody can pronounce?

I didn’t want to live there, I shouldn’t have moved there but here I am.


Do you see that couple, the one with the white dog?

My dog doesn’t like either one of them, but he likes their dog.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed their  dog isn’t around anymore, his place in their

window is empty and  they keep their eyes down when they walk by me and my dog in

the evening.  My dog watches them with his head down and his ears laying flat against

his  head. I think he’d growl at them  if he was the kind of dog that growled.


Do you see that clock at the train station?

I’ve watched the minutes crawl away from me

one by one every single day on it’s face

sometimes I wonder where they have gone

but most of the time I don’t.


I’m just glad that I will never have to see some of them

ever again.


Maybe I should spend less time watching clocks

maybe I should spend less time wondering what makes people

do the horrible things they do

maybe the next time I move

it will be to a city with a name that people can pronounce correctly

and I don’t spell it’s name wrong on purpose

because I hate it so.


I think it’s time for a change.

I think it’s time to find a new clock

and wind it up but good.

Not Alive? You Think?

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: NOT

What is alive- and what is not alive and who calls the shots? Me? You? That guy on Facebook who flames and burns his way through everyone’s walls before lunchtime?

Good question and that question lead me to:

Robophobia is an anxiety disorder in which the sufferer has an irrational fear of robots, drones, robot-like mechanics or artificial intelligence. It frequently results in a panic attack and can be triggered by certain stimuli or situations, such as viewing a robot, being near a robot, or even just talking about robots.

I don’t  have a fear of Robots, but from what I understand it’s not an uncommon phobia.

For example, if somebody with Robophobia  were to see the robot in the video above they would probably go into a full blown panic attack.

It’s a little frightening to think how those same people would react if they were in a room with one of these Humanoid Robots and they could talk too.

But I am not made from stone and I’m not sure it’s a phobia but:

Let me tell you what weirds me from the techy universe that  falls into that Alive/Not Alive slots:

I like to play ambience videos when I’m working and writing but the ones I will not watch or post are the ones with cats and dogs in them.

No kidding. I ge the creeps when I see them. I mean. Who creates a pretty scene with wonderful music and sound effects and then traps an image of a cat or dog in it…where it will live forever.

I get it. The images aren’t real. Or are they?

I’ve watched enough episodes of Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone to know that the weirdest things happen in everyday life.

WInter Windows

It must be wonderful to look out of a window or through one and see just a glimpse of the images and sounds posted here.

I can’t imagine it, which is why I am really into posting these. It’s a Universe away from where I live and work.


“Christmas Eve 1862” Oil Painting, Depicting a family standing outside their victorian home with dogs and horses, signed lower right with initials “M.F.V”