Pualani, Get The Tape

RDP Thursday : WRAPPED

Before I go into this story, I have to open it with this-

MY PAWSOME dog Hamish Macbeth likes to walk around with a blanket over his head.

When he does that it’s not like he has Spidey Senses and he misses things like furniture or walls or ME. Nope, part of the fun is to walk into things and then run away and before I can pull his blanket off of him.

Hamish Macbeth Photo A.M. Moscoso

Hamish’s love of being wrapped and draped in both paper and cloth started when he was a baby ( we don’t call them ‘puppies ‘ in our family, we call them babies) because the first time he was swaddled  was actually a lot of fun for him.

Hamish Macbeth’s  Unblanketed face Photo A.M. Moscoso

On Hamish’ first Christmas, when he was just over 5 months old, we were at my Sister’s for Christmas.

We got there as they were wrapping presents and Hamish jumped into the festivities. By that I mean he actually started jumping into bags and boxes and started to grab bows  and tags and rolls of  wrapping  paper from inside of them and then he ran from room to room dripping Christmas accessories  all around the house.

It didn’t help his naughty behavior when my Sister said he was just a baby and that it was okay when he grabbed a  bag full of presents and tried to run outside with it and  when he made off with a bag of bows clenched between his baby teeth my Mom didn’t say ” bad boy “. Nope. She just laughed and said,  “Wow he can run fast!”

Not everyone was charmed by Hamish’s antics.

My niece, Akela stood up from where she had been trying to wrap  gifts in front of the fireplace near the tree ( how’s that for a Christmas Eve image? )  and grabbed a roll of wrapping paper from out of the tote that was too big for Hamish to drag off or he would have at this point.

She unwound it with an officious snap.

” Pualani, ” she told her Sister, ” get the tape.”

My nieces L To R Akela and Pualani and baby Hamish Macbeth

With little effort they wrapped Hamish up and set him on his way.

Hamish And Pualani

And this is the way he stayed ( see the bow? nice touch, right? ) until the heat of his body warmed the tape up and his wrappings fell off.

Ok. I’ll ‘fess up, this story was just me  finding ways to post pictures of my dog because he’s AWESOME.  Still, this is one of my favorite Christmas memories so I hope you don’t mind I shared it here today.