The Time Killer


Winter Night Jerry Walker

Do you know what I needed tonight?

I needed for it to snow, I needed to cook something

rich, warm and maybe a little salty for dinner

I needed to listen to John Williams on guitar

Instead I didn’t cook something delicious, I walked in the rain

and I didn’t listen to music at all.

If you added up those wasted minutes you would discover

as I sadly did

That I spent more time doing the things I didn’t want to do

on purpose.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Some people have an angel

on top their Christmas tree

some people have stars, snowflakes and birds but

Krampus is perched comfortably on top of my tree


Surrounded by seahorses, starfish and shells

and baubles with light silver waves

he  would   gladly skinny down from my tree

to the sound of tinkling bells, crunching glass

and other musical sounds

because Krampus is perched

merrily on top of my  Christmas and tree-

and given the choice

there are probably other things he’d like to do-

like not be stuck on top of a tree

when so many naughty people are about.


Photo A.M. Moscoso

My Yule Cat

Tonight is Krampusnacht, but I thought I would add this additional post about th Yule Cat.

You see, one year my cat Carl Kolchak jumped into the frame every time I tried to take a picture of my Christmas tree. I got the hint and took  his picture and  after I put my camera down he grabbed  my tree in his jaws and jumped out the window and took off with it.

Eventually I got it back and do  you know what?

I may not be 100% sure about Krampus, but I am 100% sure about the Yule Cat because- lucky me- I owned one.

Or he owned me.

Either way, I have no complaints. Kolchak was a magnificent feline.

Carl Kolchak seconds before he took off with my Chrismas Tree
Photo By A.M Moscoso