Sharing Day

My Response to  Melanie’s   SHARE YOUR WORLD 


What is your opinion of the state of health care in your country?  Adequate or inadequate?  What could be done to improve it?

If what ails you doesn’t kill you, the bill might. But like other things, if you are well off in the US you’ve probably got great insurance. What can improve it? Ha. Unless there comes a day when insurance ceases to be a money maker it will never change.

What are two words that describe you best?

Hmmm, well ” good for nothing ” is three words but I have those words stamped on my brain and I really can’t get away from them. Sad but true.

Do you have a morning routine? If so, what it’s like?

I have a dog and we live in an apartment. So my  morning starts off with my dog going out of his mind with joy that we are going to get up and go for a walk. He bounces on and off the furniture, he brings me toys , he does this dance where he wiggles as he turns in circles and he also makes happy dog sounds. Starting your day with a creature that is so happy morning is here is not such a bad way to start the day.

What’s something that really makes your blood race?

There are some days when I hit everything on my daily goals list and I am on FIRE.  I know that this is a term that people use when they are angry about something, but the thing is when I’m angry my blood doesn’t race, it turns to ice.

So to me having your blood race is a good thing.

Do you enjoy singing festive songs during *insert festive celebration that you observe to replace “Christmas” if it’s not relevant to you * Christmas carols or songs?

I love Christmas music. All of it. I like to sing it, I like to listen to other people sing it too.

Except for that song that George Michael’s sings about having a one night stand with someone who didn’t love him the next day.That song  is an anthem to bad decision making. Oh. And I REALLY hate that song about the kid who buys shoes for his dying Mother because she’s going to meet Jesus.

As if that wasn’t rancid cheesy enough-

the part that really made be sick was that in  the song poor kid was ” dirty from head to toe ” and paid with pennies- because as we all know poor kids are dirty and scrounge around for pennies all day long.

I don’t know who thought this song was a good idea but BLECH.

To get back to the question I love to sing the ” Boars Head ” and ” Silver Bells.  ” There is no one good reason. I just feel good when I do.

So that was a little peek into my world, some of it is good, some of it is not so good but I have a great dog so it all balances out in the end.

Maybe It Was The Fall

RDP Wednesday: Fumble

Painting By Remedios Varo


I was  strolling  across a smooth clear road

no cars to rush me along

but something caught my foot and I sprawled across the curb

and when I looked up I saw my shadow

racing ahead of me




laughing as it sailed away  from the Sun

I am sure that it what I heard.


Maybe it was the fall

and I was just confused

but sometimes when I’ m walking

and my shadow is at my heel

I hear that laugh again

of that I am absolutely  sure.

10 Days and Counting

*12 Days of Christmas Memories and Adventures
On The Third Day of Christmas


It isn’t the gifts, or the party clothes, it isn’t the delicious meals and the sweet desserts

that I enjoy in the dead of Winter, at Christmas time

I love this time of year because

the world comes alive

in shades of red, gold and green

and the frozen ground is an ocean of promise

waiting to come to shore.