Night Light

RDP SaturdayVariegated Skies

When I saw today’s RDP prompt, my mind jumped straight to the works of Victorian era artist John Atkinson Grimshaw.

Grimshaw’s art tells a  wonderful story and the story teller here is the night  light that gives voice and expression to  everything it touches. The trees, the buildings,the clouds, the figures traveling along the roads paved with granite and wet dark earth. Each of these elements add something to the narrative.

John Grimshaw is famous for his night scapes, so the story might be a dark one but it’s a lively and invigorating one all the same.

I hope you enjoy the samples of John A Grimshaw’s work I selected to illustrate my post today.


John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) Nearing home

Near Hackness, a Moonlit Scene with Pine Trees

Well That Was A Pleasant Surprise!

For Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday : Opposites.”

Gertrude Abercrombie

On Fridays I like to pingback to Fandango’s Flashback Friday because I have gone back through my archieves- in some cases all the way back to 2006 and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what I found.

Some of my older work wasn’t half bad, not bad at all. What can I say? I was happy with what I saw. As I went through my blog I had moments of ” I wrote that, really?” and I mean that in a good way. On the other hand there were other pieces where I missed the mark, but I’m proud of those pieces too because even if they weren’t great I worked hard on them.

However what I have been avoiding this year as I’ve done Flashback Friday is looking at anything I wrote towards the end of 2019 through 2020. I was sure I would find some grim work- and it would not be in the” lol isn’t that weird ” grim way.

What I found from that time frame turned out to be the exact opposite of what I expected to find. What I found in my work was that even though that feeling was popping up, I wasn’t exactly drowning in despair. From what I saw I working on focus and trying out new things ( like poetry and subject matter ).

So I’d like to give a shout out to FANDANGO and his challenge because who knows? I may have ignored that time frame all together and missed out o on seeing a big step I took in my writing.