Me and The Crimson Pirate


Dear Crimson Pirate


Santa Claus

As you may well know, I looked forward to visits from Krampus with  more excitement then I ever did with visits from you.

But you did give me that cool bike, the Hula Hoop and the musical Snoopy that I loved and adored until he literally fell to bits after a good ten or so years of constant trips, hugs and trips into sinks full of soapy water because as my parents would have told you I was a scroungy dirty little thing and poor Snoopy suffered for that.

On the other hand I pretty much hated Christmas for most of my life so when I was threatened with you not visiting me if I was bad, what can I say? I wasn’t exactly shaking in my boots.

My Grandfather had this saying he used when people copped out of situations against their core beliefs to save their bacon. I know the original definition was a religious one, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a few times but my Dad’s family weren’t religious by any stretch of the imagination.

He used to say in these times when people compromised their core beliefs, ” There are no atheists in the foxholes”

Well Crimson One- I still have my doubts about a Jolly figure being used to threaten little kids into their best behavior and that’s one I could have done without as a kid because for me the world was grim enough.

However, to quote the spirit in which my Grandpa Bert used the saying, ” there are no atheists in the Foxholes”

So hello. May I introduce myself? I am the atheist in the foxhole.


Photo N. Casey

My three year old Granddaughter loves you, she’s excited about your  visit and when she saw you today that smile on her face was real. It we.asn’t her camera smile- which is beautiful, but it’s for the camera.

So I will make you a deal.

I will tell her good stories about you and your visits if you swear on Donner and Vixen’s heads that you will make her smile like that for the rest of her life when she thinks about Christmas,

To seal the deal please accept  my peace offering of shortbread, assorted chocolates and sherry which can be found on my writing desk on Christmas eve.


Jemma’s Grandmother

The former

Anita Marie Godfrey

Me age 6 with my little sister, my brother and our dog