Nine Days And Counting

*12 Days of Christmas Memories and Adventures

On The Fourth Day of Christmas I  realized that I have spent a lot of time writing about Christmas songs that  I don’t like and not very much about the ones that I do, so let’s change that okay?

First up, I love, adore and look forward to playing Christmas songs so that I can bust this out- it’s a  Merry Jingle by the Greedies:

The Greedies (originally The Greedy Bastards) was a short-lived ad hoc ‘supergroup’ formed by Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott in 1978 during a quiet spell for his main band. It grew from Lynott’s interest in punk and his friendship with members of the Sex Pistols, Damned and Boomtown Rats. The subsequent rotating line-up centred around Lynott, Lizzy members Scott Gorham and Gary Moore, Chris Spedding, and Steve Jones and Paul Cook of the Pistols.

This clips is from The Top of the Pops and the first minute or so is interesting because it’s a countdown from December 20th of 1979

I’ve recently discovered Broken Peach. They are fun and energetic and they add a new flavor to rock and roll versions of Christmas songs.

You know. I love the Dickies and I love they took a song called Silent Night and made it not so silent and catchy.

Brian Setzer is one of the finest live rock performers bar none. So his take on this carol is pretty darn superb.

So there you have it Christmas songs that I do like by artists that I love. I hope you will enjoy listening to them.