The House On Lander Street



Down the street from where I work

is an abandoned house where nobody lives.


The rats leave it alone, the homeless people don’t creep through it’s halls and

start fires in the dining room to keep themselves warm when it’s cold.

The grass in the front and back yard is dusty and dead

the mails box is still firmly planted at the end of the walkway

and the little red flag- rusted with age-is still standing up

waiting for the mailman to open the little door and take away whatever is inside

of it to another house where nobody lives- at least that is what I think.


There are a lot of odd things

about the house down the street from where I work

that keeps me up at night and robs me of my sleep.


One thing I wonder, just before I start to dream

is why are there curtains hanging in ever single window

of that dead and abandoned house,

and how do they always manage to keep so clean and crisp

in their rotting and mildewed frames.



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