The Monster In Car 407

RDP Tuesday : FEAR

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Let’s play a writer’s game- it is called what if.


What IF

you have lost all sense of reason because in your world there is no one left to reason



there are a few people to reason with but oh my God the ones who can’t see reason

have driven you absolutely mad

and your behavior recently has become, in a word monstrous.

It’s not your fault, you tell yourself, it’s those fools, those idiots those libtards.


So today

you got on one train after another

and sat in the middle of the car.

You put your leg up on the seat across from you

at an angle

then you leaned backed

and you forced yourself to cough and sneeze and  then you spit on the empty seat in

front of you.


You called anyone who got up to move out of the car and get away from you a

Mother Fucker, a Libtard, you dared for someone- anyone- to call security

and on the first two trains people did call on you  and  security threw you off.


Then you got on my train.

You sat against the window in the row across from me.

You coughed, you sneezed, you spit on the floor and when the train got to the next

stop a lot of people got off- because that’s what happens at this stop

and you screamed at them, you said you could hear them mumbling about him.

Then of course came your somewhat hysterical sounding  shouts- ‘ call security Mother

Fuckers! Go on Call them!”


Now here comes the game of what if in all of it’s glory.


What if the woman who was sitting across from you in the next aisle got up and  had


to the seat behind you when you were busy yelling at the girl with the electric scooter.


What if  the woman had  taken off her backpack off and her jacket and put her keys

between her


with the business ends pointing out, the way she learned in self defense class.


What if she had already figured out you were  taller then her and she knew the best

place to jam those keys was up under your chin because there’s no resistance and with

about  10 pounds of pressure behind her she could really, really hurt you.


What if the man sitting in front of you, pretending to be book moved closer to

you too, while you were screaming and yelling.


What if you didn’t move a muscle, what if you suddenly realized the space around you

hadn’t expanded but had shrunk what if you knew that the last two people in the car

took their time gathering up their belongings  and after they got off of the train you sat

there and didn’t move because you couldn’t.


What if you had looked into her face- her eyes- because of course she was wearing a

mask and you did the same to the man and


you saw them, really saw them you didn’t call them Motherfuckers or Libtards. You said

somewhat meekly

” Is this Seattle? ”


What if the Man said, ” yes it is ” and as the woman swung her backpack over her

shoulder with one hand and you saw those keys in the other and what if in your bones

you knew they were daring you to stand up, to  make one little move- to cough or

sneeze or spit at them,  what if.


What if  there were  really  was a monster in Car 407 and you realized that the Scary

Monster who was angry and fed up and ready to rock and roll because it’s world was

gone and probably was never going to come back

wasn’t you.

What if.


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