The Mummy Has A Head

RDP Thursday: Inchoate

This isn’t a deformed  Creepypasta character haunting the internet but at first glance you might think it has to be-

Meet one of the animatronic characters from the Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

When I did a search to date this picture I got  a series of pictures that BING said looked like this photo, I ended up with with pictures from surgical procedures. They were in B/W which made them all pretty morbid looking.

And not morbid in the good way that I like.

I actually nixed a lot of the first shots and didn’t even consider posting them because they were B/W pictures of tumors and deformed babies- and I’m a little on the dark and macabre side but those shots are just heartbreaking.

However, In THAT group was this picture of a mummy housed in the British Museum that is 5000 years old and it has tattoos- which places it as the earliest example of this kind of artwork.

I am so confused by BING’S grab in this case.

The mummy has a head.

I’m really stuck on that- the mummy has a head and he didn’t look deformed to me. I mean come on BING.

The mummy has a head.

You can do better Lil search engine, I know you can.


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