Earthquake Cats


Happy Caturday!

In case you’ve never seen how cats react BEFORE and during an earthquake, here you go. It’s true you can find anything on youtube.

From what I read some of the cats  in the video couldn’t be bothered to move ( and before you jump to it’s shock, give me a minute ) and some cats did race for cover but as a big FYI, none of the cats here were hurt.

As to the non-plussed cats, that’s how my cat  reacted ( or didn’t )when Seattle had the Nisqually Quake in 2001.

“The Uncivilised Cat ” Agnes Miller Parker

My cat Wolfgang was sleeping on his favorite shelf and just before the quake hit.

During the event,  I was told her rolled over, gave the evil eye to my dogs who were on the verge of having a panic attack and when they sat down next to him and looked like they were going to not loose their minds,  he rolled back over and resumed his nap.

Photo by A.M. Moscoso

That’s right. There was  6.8 quake shaking the ground under his paws and my cat kept himself together. 

Cats. Are. Pawsome.

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