A Touch of The Blues


Consider these works of art and then ask yourself if you agree with Vincent Van Gogh in the quote below.

 I agree because from an ocean of blue  to just a touch of blue,  the subjects in all of these pieces seem to be drawing a breath from the world around them. It makes the work feel alive and gives you a sense of movement within the frame .


Cobalt is a divine color and there is nothing as fine for putting an atmosphere round things. Carmine is the red of wine and is warm and lively like wine. The same goes for emerald green too. It’s false economy to dispense with them, with those colors. Cadmium as well.

-Vincent Van Gogh-

“The Church in Auvers-sur-Oise” Vincent van Gogh

Title: Empirical conversion of a silence into an alphabet
Creator: Giovanni Kronenberg

Title: Tile Fragment Depicting a Lion in a Landscape
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: first half of the 17th century

” Afternoon Here On Earth “
Mario Airò, Quel pomeriggio qui sulla terra, 1988

Abid Khan


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