Hard Feelings Make For Easy Goodbyes


Gertrude Abercrombie

Remember that day I called you after the lockdown kicked in

and you said you were so glad I called because

you were locked up in a house with people you thought you knew

and instead of getting dressed up for work and rocketing down to Starbucks

before you hit the morning commute

you toddled from your bed to the chair where you kept the sweats you wore

the day before that didn’t smell too bad

and then you went to the kitchen,

made your  own coffee sat down at your kitchen table and went to work.


Remember that day I called you?


You told me how scared you were that this isolation could go on for years

that if your neighbors didn’t even say hello when you went out to get the mail

or you saw them walking their dogs

and then you realized that you weren’t speaking in complete sentences anymore.


I remember that day I called-

you talked without taking a breath for over fifteen minutes

and when you ran out of things to say

you thanked me for ‘being there’

and then you hung up.


Remember that day?


I never said a word, I never got the chance.

It’s like I was your  Facebook wall

and after you were done pasting words all over me and you were done

you clicked me off.


But if it makes you feel any better, I will never forget what you said

on the phone that day because

it’s the last time I will ever speak to you

and those conversations live  forever

carved deep

like sentiments on a gravestone.


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