Knock Knock Knock


From Halloween Night until November midnight on November 2nd

my family would leave a candle burning in the window so that the Spirits of our loved

ones would be able to find their way home to us

and behind a door we would leave a little plate of food so that they could refresh

themselves after their long journey.


I don’t know why we started to do that, but when it wasn’t Halloween we usually kept

the doors in our house closed and whoa be to the person who left one open.


Some of our holiday customs can be packed up in colorful totes and stowed away for a

year, but when I think about it the reason we have those traditions never gets packed



They haunt us year round.


Photographer Unknown


2 thoughts on “Knock Knock Knock

  1. Because my family is so diverse, they’ve combined several tradition and some as you noted are very old and I have no idea where they orginated from. I just know we use them and it makes for very interesting holiday celebrations. The food behind the door and the stories about spirits who hide behind the doors is one I’ve been aware of but I don’t know where those stories came from. Do you?

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