It’s A Heck Of A Thing

Years and years and years ago I picked up book called Night Visions ( anthology ) because I was a Ramsey Campbell fan. I read  his story first and at some point I started to read one called the Hellbound Heart- I read it through and at the end  of it I thought, ” well that was weird. ”

Then I read it a few more times and thought I should check this Clive Barker guy out  because I think I wanted to  understand the story I had just read. Short story or not there was a lot going on there.

After reading that first story I started to keep up on Clive Barker’s work and  became a Barker fan in part because the women in his stories over the years are as evil and twisted as their male counterparts and I found that  refreshing.

When the  Hellraiser movie came out I was probably at the head of the line at the theater and I’m sorry to say that a little ways into the movie I was having a lot of  WTF moments but I went with it when Pin Head showed up because I got that this was his movie and he didn’t have a lot to do with the story I read but that was ok.

I liked his voice.

I haven’t seen the new Hellraiser movie yet, though I probably will. I don’t have a problem with reboots. I mean people need to lighten up on that topic. The thing about a story is, whether you like it or not it’s going to change with each re-telling. I’m fine with that. I guess that if you’re the one attempting the reboot you really need to keep in mind that people have a clear idea about who these characters are and adding to the character’s richness is cool taking away from that isn’t such a good idea.

From the bits I’ve seen, the new Pinhead has been added to, fleshed out, as it were so I have high hopes for her:

I think I’ll add this to one of my 13 days to Halloween movies list- that’s where I spend the 13 days watching  13 films.  I’ll keep you posted about the 13 Days deal in an upcoming post.

Till them- keep it scary.


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