Black and Orange and Me

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I love Halloween- I know you’re shocked  right?

Well it’s true and it’s true that my love is so blind that I don’t ask why, I don’t question it. Seriously if Halloween was a person our relationship would border on psycho.

For example, black and orange are Halloween colors, they’re iconic in their own right just like Werewolves and Haunted Houses and Black Cats ( noticed I capitalized  them here) and I finally wondered why those colors.

So I did a little reading and gathered the following:

Orange is a no brainer- it’s a fall color. Back in the early days of Halloween when people made their own decorations, leaves, pumpkins  and other Autumn offerings were part of what they used. Orange played a  big part of the color scheme and with orange the golds and yellows of the fall went along for the ride.

As for black- that is an easy one. Black hides  in all of those places that scare us and waits patiently for it’s chance to pop out and screech ” Boo ” at us.

Who brought it all together?

That would be the Dennison Company, back in the 1920’s they started to produce  Halloween decorations and even if you don’t know who they are you’ve probably seen their products- I really should ask why more often when it comes to Halloween.

It was fun.

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