Home Late



She heard her husband walking down the hall to the kitchen where she was standing at the sink. She always stood there when she was stuck on what to make for dinner.

” Something followed me home from the bus stop. ” Dewey told his wife from the doorway ” that’s why I’m late. I kept stopping and turning around the way you do and Ruby for sure. Something followed me home. ”

Ruby leaned over the sink and looked out the kitchen window. ” It’s foggy tonight. I guess you wouldn’t be able to see much of anything.”

” That’s a fact. But I could smell it Ruby and it smelled bad. Really bad.”

Ruby was still looking out the window. ”  Was it really that foul? ”

“I’ll say. It made my eyes water. What do you suppose it could be Ruby? ”

Ruby went to the back door and before she opened it she looked back at Dewey and her long black tongue shot out of her mouth and her yellow eyes burned in her pale face. ” Dinner. ” she told him.

The door slammed behind her and Dewey went to the cabinet where they kept their dinnerware and butcher knives and then he began to set the table.

Inspired by The Halloween Prompt: Weird Neighbors With A Secret.

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