The White Shoe Syndrome

Inspired by the SFC Chocolate Box Prompt: Reclaiming Rituals

When I was in my late teens  I was working in an office supply store where the only person even remotely close to my age was a woman in her early 30’s.

They were an insulated group and we all lived in the suburbs in addition there was no internet in those days so the world we lived in was truly small. I mention that to explain why this happened the way it did:

At that time footwear was changing and people were wearing running shoes as a fashion statement- and some of those shoes were white.

Back  in the ‘the day’ there was this thing about not wearing white shoes after Labor Day and that color of shoe was associated with the Christian singer Pat Boone.

However, at this time Nike was the thing to wear and they were white with colored stripes- so sure I wore them like everybody else.

One day I wore them into work because I was going to help out in the warehouse and Denise saw me walk by her desk. She smiled, looked down at my feet and cackled ( I just KNEW  at that time because of that voice of hers that she was going to be one of those pinched up old ladies that cackled and God, I saw her a few years ago and THAT is exactly what happened to her ) ” Ha! You’re wearing Pat Boone Shoes- that means I get to stamp your toe! ”

Sorry to say some idiots used to do that if you wore white shoes after Labor Day.

I smiled and said something to the effect, ” Whatever you say- Grandma. ”

She was pissed off and that made me pretty happy.

So why am I telling this story?

It’s the Holiday thing. People have firm ideas about when WE  should decorate for Halloween, when YOU should start to listen to Christmas Music and put up your tree and of course there are firm take down dates too.

It’s an issue so that means the internet is flooded with comic and memes on the subject :

I think that if you have dates and times and a schedule for how you approach the holidays, awesome.  Most of the time plans make things run smoothly.

I also think that if you were like my family- there might be reasons for why you put your tree up before Thanksgiving. Why you listen to Christmas music the day after Halloween and sometimes during the Summer.

It’s not a big thing, maybe you had a tough day and the music lifts your spirits up a little. Maybe someone can’t be there for Christmas but they will be for Thanksgiving, so to share the experience the best way they can they put up the tree.

One year we had dealt with two deaths in the family during the Summer and by November we needed something to look forward to, to feel some joy,  so my niece decorated their tree and it was lovely. I took a picture of it and put it on my FB wall. Then One of my Facebook friends burned my post to the ground and made fun of us jumping the gun.

All these years later all I can say to that is F$#! You.

If  someone doesn’t abide by your schedule or sensibilities, or they don’t  mark off their days based on a calander, seriously step off.

Why does it matter? Does one person or a thousand people not following your schedule matter? Does it keep you up at nights? Make it less of a thing for you?

If your ability to enjoy your day is based on the known Universe supporting your life schedule, I feel sorry for you.

The Universe is a big place and in the end, it doesn’t care what it takes to make you feel good.

That is all on you and all on us individually.

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