Daily Writing Prompt: How would you improve your community?

The Cripples
L. S. Lowry1949 – 1949

If I could do one thing to improve my community, I would find a way to make it possible for everyone to feel visible.

When you feel like you need a gun to be heard, when you are forced to dress as expected by the community  in order to participate in everyday life, when you need an app to feel connected to humanity, it’s like your wearing an iron mask and the only way to remove it is to agree to meet conditions.

Conditions I think, that come with a hefty price tag.

It’s a lonely life for some of us- even the ones who claim that they are loners and say they are fine with not seeing a single person for days or weeks at a time. But for others,  when you walk out into the world and you are positive that nobody, no a single soul sees you I guess  you will give in and give up just to have one person look at you and say, ” ah, there YOU are!”

We should be able to dress the way we want, we shouldn’t have to carry a big effing gun in order to be heard, we shouldn’t have to pick up our phone to feel connected to the world around us.

We shouldn’t  feel invisible.

We shouldn’t be invisible.

Making people feel visible is the one thing I wish I could do to improve my community.



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