It’s A Super Duper Caturday!

Today we are going to celebrate Caturday with a pawsome feline named Crash.

Crash the Cat is the winner of the 5th Annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts, ‘Rescue Pets Edition’

Crash is this year’s Cadbury Bunny but before he won that  prestigious title Crash was rescued by Paty Cutler- who lucky for Crash works at an animal shelter down the road from where he had been hit by a car.

The driver who hit Crash actually stopped for him and according to Paty they were despondent  over what had happened.

Crash suffered a broken jaw, a broken leg and he lost his eye-remarkable is the fact that he  lost none of his good looks or his spectacular personality.

Crash gives a high-five in a photo taken for his Cadbury entry. (Michael Paz)

In case you are curious, Crash is now an ambassador for the Shelter that saved his life and nursed him back to health. I have read that he has the biggest office in the building and that it is full of his own furniture.

His job is to meet and greet potential adopters and I am sure he is a wonderful Office Manager too:

Crash at the Boise animal shelter. (Michael Paz)

So meet Crash- this years Cadbury Easter Bunny- WARNING – potential cute over load is possible: