Long Way Home

Snow & Ice Storm
Fritz Goro

Towards the end of last year, it was the day after an ice storm hit us, a homeless man got into my warehouse through an unlocked door.

It only took me a few minutes to realize he wasn’t able to put his thoughts together. I saw that clearly when  I told him he had to go back outside and he started to cry and said, ” Why? ” and in a flash I realized he wasn’t asking ‘why’ he had to go back outside.

So I asked him if he needed help, should I call a Paramedic and he said yes. I gave him something to wrap around himself to warm him up and he said, ” I’ve been cold a long time. My house is empty. Nobody is there.  I’ve been cold for a long time.”

I sat with him until help came  and the ambulence took him to the hospital.

I have been thinking about him. I’ve been thinking about the house he used to live in when he was part of a family. I think about the house he lived in before he ended up on my loading dock.

I wonder what color the walls in his house were and did he have a dog?  Does his Mom miss him? Does his Dad hope that one day he will call them and he will sound like the Son they used to know and do they still hope he is out there and ready to come back home again.

Maybe there is a new family living in the house he still thinks about. Maybe the walls are hung with pictures of ships at sea and kids in soccer uniforms. Maybe a cat likes to sun itself in one of the windows that he used to look out of in the morning.

But I think I understand what he meant. His old home might house a new family and the rooms may well be bursting with life and the tv is probably always a little to loud but in his mind and now in mine- it is an empty house and it is cold.

Abandoned house
Emanuele Bai2017

Abandoned villa
Emanuele Bai2015

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Hey Everyone-It’s Happy Clappy Prompt Time!

WP Daily Prompt asks us to Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you.

Lucifer by Franz von Stuck

Back in the Mid-1970’s I used to deliver newspapers on my bike, just like those kids did in the Black and White Sitcoms from the 50’s and 60’s.

It was a crappy job because if someone stiffed me for the three dollar and fifty cent tab I had to pay for it out of my route money. I would have to say that out of the 120 customers I had over a quarter of them never paid and the Newspaper ( It was called the Western Sun or something like that ) wouldn’t let me cancel the delivery because only the subscriber could do that.

So basically I was buying the newspaper for a bunch of bottom feeders every month.  I did it anyway because some money was better then no money and I was learning a lesson which has guided me through my life.

If people are willing to sit on their butts and pretend to not be home when the 12 year old kid who delivered the paper that they were probably reading at the time then it’s a good idea to never, ever and I do mean EVER fully trust another living human being.

Not your lover, not your best friend not the lady who lives next door to you and always smiles and waves when you walk by to get your mail and gives you banana bread during the holidays.

Anyone of them could have been that customer on my route or another kid’s route and anyone one of them could have raised kids or grandkids and spread that lesson on- that lesson  that  there are some people you can ripoff just because YOU CAN.

Those people were all strangers to me and even though they were thieves and low life thieves at that ( come on- they were ripping off a kid ) what I learned at their hands was a valuable and positive one.

I learned to be cautious, suspicious of people that I didn’t know and even the ones that I did. I learned respect  is a word that people like to throw around like confetti on New Years Eve, so just because someone puffs up their chest and says they are ‘respectful of others”  ( if they have earned it ) that does not MEAN you should buy what they are selling.

It was a valuable lesson and I’m glad I  learned it.

I guess.



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