What’s That Sound?

RDP Wednesday: KARAOKE

Years before Facebook came along and turned everyone with internet access  into Writers and Professional Opiners- there was an entire community of people who became singers through a little thing called Karaoke.

Unlike FB I liked Karaoke and the community that formed around it.

People from all skill levels found places to live their dream at bars, parties, resturaunts and family gatherings and damn if they didn’t take it seriously. I knew people who practiced, took voice lessons, invited their friends to hear them sing- and the cool part-

they invited their friends to join in the fun.

Sometimes people just wanted to get up on stage with their friends and belt out their favorite songs for the heck of it and that was always fun to watch. Other times you heard some real talent and other times you could just see that the singer was trying to say something important to them, they were sharing their story  in front of a group of people they didn’t know and I say good for you. That took guts.

I have this thing about singing. It doesn’t matter if you ” can ” sing or not. Singing isn’t just about hitting the notes. Singing is also you telling a story and that doesn’t require you be pitch perfect.

When I think about Karaoke, what comes to my mind is that sometimes  when creativity and bravery come to together we are lucky enough to be there when it happens.

And just in case you are curious- here is my favorite song to sing at Karaoke: