Yippy Skippy and Hooray!

Today the WP prompt asked us to  Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

Hay making Jules Bastien-Lepage 1877 View in Augmented

Today is not the day to ask me to play happy clappy let’s send out positive vibes  via a writing prompt.

I will tell you right now, I am NOT in the mood.

I write about dark souls, twisted hearts and monsters. I write about wicked people doing wicked things and my goal is to make you laugh in the end.  Sometimes I do write things that are a little fuzzy and sunny and warm because I happen to FEEL LIKE IT.

One thing I never do- I don’t pussy foot around when I write. I don’t lie to myself and I don’t lie to the people who happen upon my blog and read what I write. If I am feeling dark and mischievous that is exactly what you’re going to get from me as a writer. I’m not organized in my thinking enough to write ‘by the numbers’.

Today’s prompt irked me because it smacks of ” Let’s keep it happy ” and let’s make sure this prompt stays that  way.  Fine. Challenge accepted.

This is a positive thing that  someone in my family taught me-

if someone puts their hand on the back of your neck, even if it’s a friendly hand and tells you how to think or what to write and even feels like they can tell  you when to smile – snap their hand off at the wrist.

There. That’s something positive that my family member taught me because in that bit of advice I get to stay true to myself. How is that for a positive?



In A Word

I asked Google Arts and Culture to show me ” Nothing “

It did as I asked and it showed me ” Nothing “

I now have these images of ” Nothing ” stuck in my mind and today I have learned that ‘ nothing ‘ isn’t a place, it isn’t a state of mind. It’s an idea waiting for someone to pick it up and give it color and form and a life.


” Monk By The Sea “
Caspar David Friedrich

Pas Mèche [Nothing Doing]
Jules Bastien-Lepage

“Füsun’s Tears” Artist Unknown