The Grave Robbers

Today’s Daily Prompt asks: How do you use social media.

In a nutshell I use social media like everyone else does and by that I mean that I snatch bodies of work from other people, I put it on a wall and I invite my closest friends and family to observe, learn and be entertained by my finds.

Unique body snatching headstone, Stirling, 1823
Photographer Unknown

Once upon a time Burke and Hare did the same thing- they robbed graves to sell ‘ for medical study ‘and from there graduated to creating corpses themselves ( which makes them serial killers, but I digress ) and like most  Facebookers ,  who in their need to truly express themselves and to be heard  through comment sections and through their own works-  it didn’t go so well for them.

Now days Grammar Nazis and Self Appointed Art Critics with access to Google Arts will bust you down, hang you and in some cases skin you too, just like what the law did to William Burke back in 1828.

But in my opinion the hangman knows what he’s doing. Grammar Nazis are clumsy in their work. I guess  you could say the hangman has his work down to a science, dare I say an art form.

Grammar Nazis aren’t in the executioner’s league by any stretch of the imagination and as you can see here I can stretch my imagination long enough to wrap around the entire Earth- two or three times.

Calling-card case made of Burke’s skin

The skeleton of William Burke.

I know that some people might think that my drawing a comparison from social media users  to grave robbing body snatchers is just plain wrong. But then again, there a some who will probably think I’m spot on.

Burke’s death mask (left) and Hare’s (right) life mask.