Rest For The Wicked

WordPress’ Daily Prompt asks: How do you unwind after a demanding day?

Well nameless WP prompter, I watched horror films- like this one:

I watched an absolutely  fantastic horror movie about three women who are paranormal investigators in a film called Phenomena ( Fenómenas)

Phenomena Original title: Fenómenas 2023 1h 34m Horror Three middle-aged women who investigate paranormal events are put to the test when their leader Father Pilón disappears. Inspired by the real Hepta Group. Director Carlos Therón Writers Marta Buchaca Fernando Navarro Stars Belén Rueda Ivan Massagué Miren Ibargure

I was hooked by this film the second I met the characters.

They were tough,they are ‘middle aged’ and because they are not wafer thin millennials  playing the roles of women in the 50’s, our heroines have to rely on their wits and determination to overcome the physical obstacles that the Demon they are fighting throws at them.

It makes their moments of victory much sweeter.

The scare scenes sort of crept up on you and unlike some films, you don’t find yourself looking away, you find yourself scanning every inch of the screen looking for the monsters- which was fun. It was like wandering through a haunted house.

I am one of those people who scuttle quietly through even the most intense Halloween Haunted Houses and abandoned buildings because I’m afraid I’ll miss something. No kidding that is what I do. So sure, I enjoyed  the pacing in this film.

My favorite running joke was that Gloria keeps losing her hand sized crystal ball and you would think a psychic  wouldn’t have that kind of problem. So on one hand you might start to think she’s a fake but her actions actually foreshadow her ultimate struggle that will hold her back unless she confronts it.

I thought that was clever story telling.

I don’t want to give anymore away.

I loved the film, I recommend the film and I think you should watch it


If you watch it with English dubbed in, it’s going to kill the film for you.

One of the voice over actresses is doing her impression of what an older woman sounds like and what you will hear is a very younger voice doing an older voice  that would best suit a cartoon Grandma from an episode of Scooby Doo  who is supposed to be about 100 years old.

Watch this film with subtitles if you can. If you don’t want to, I think there’s a chance that the poor dubbing will spoil the story.

I thought the dubbing was so bad that I switched the option from English back to Spanish ( and no, I don’t speak Spanish )  and ran the subtitles and for REAL it changed the tone of the entire film.

So if you have Netflix and want to try unwinding the A.M. Moscoso way,  check out Phenomena