Ghost Country

WP Prompters asked a good question today. They want to know: What countries do you want to visit?

Cape Crozier and Mount Terror
Charles Hamilton Smith, 1776–1859, Belgian undated

The Country I want to visit isn’t a Country in itself. Rather it is governed by 30 different Countries and that place is Antarctica.
To explain why I want to visit there- and there alone- you need to be a little familiar with it’s history so briefly ( I promise, briefly ) I’ll run through it.
For a period of time The Antarctic had a  temperate climate and it was covered with forests and plants. It was also connected to Africa and Australia at another point in time and the Seas in that area were tropical.
Then the continents separated and the Antarctic drifted to where it is now.
 Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, and driest of Earth’s continents, it is a polar desert and it is covered by by the continental ice sheet.  But it’s not a dead world, as we know.

        Penguins and Seals live there and so does a micro-animals called Tardigrades. Under the right conditions for a Tardigrade, they can even survive in Space, which goes to  show you how tough they are.

         So why do I want to go there?  Simple.

 I want to go there because of all the secrets that are buried ( or hiding? ) under that ice and guarded by the inhospitable environment  are the remains of an entire world and the people who traveled upon it or to it.

          I want to go to the Antarctic because it is a graveyard and I am positive it’s haunted.

A Country of Ghosts sounds like a heck of a cool place to visit, doesn’t it?

” The Endurance “

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