The Goal

WP prompt advises us to create Create an emergency preparedness plan. I have one, want to see it?

I base my emergency plan on the safety talk you get when you take a plane.

Secure your oxygen mask first, then help the person next to you ( child etc )

So as you will see, I keep it simple. I have a goal in an emergency situation and I have come up with a way to accomplish that goal.

My backpack, shoes that I can slip on quickly and my dog’s leash are always together near my front door.

The same backpack goes with me to work and it’s in my car when I go out.

My backpack is where I keep my wallet, a mini first aid kit, a bottle of water and a few snacks. My backup phone charger and portable phone charger is in there and so in my Chrome note Book.

In case of an emergency me and Harmish are ready to go.

The reality is, in case of an emergency I know for a fact I am going to reach for my dog first. I even have a plan for securing Hamish in case something happens when I am on the road and a plan to get back to him.

I’ve been in some pretty intense situations and the reality for me is this- if I haven’t already got my priorities in order before and  emergency situation hits  it won’t matter how ready I am to face a disaster.

That is my Emergency  Preparedness Plan. I have a goal- save the dog. It’s the best motivator I have for my insuring own survival.

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