An Idea Or Two For Halloween

#100DAYSOFHALLOWEEN HAPPY #28 suggests making weekend plans.

I have a few ideas for things I’d like to do this Halloween season and here they are:

I work in Pioneer Square and I have run into this tour before. People were having a lot of fun and I did enjoy seeing the tourists reactions to the stories. I keep meaning to take it and maybe this year I will.

Air Date: October 19, 2022

​Jim Dever joins Danielle for a trip through Pioneer Square, Seattle’s oldest…and most haunted neighborhood.

My warehouse is part of the underground system- so in a roundabout way, my neighbors are the ghosts of Seattle’s past. It’s awesome. 

Seattle, Washington, is known for being the home of two of the biggest tech companies in the United States- Microsoft, and With all of its modern charm, few people would ever notice that there is an entire hidden underground city beneath the streets. This is known as the “Seattle Underground”, and it still contains shops and buildings that once served as the city’s businesses. So…Why did the city of Seattle build an entire new town on top of the old one, and how did they do it? Find out on today’s Geographics.

When I was a kid I went on a field trip with my class to Port Gamble. We camped there over night and we were also the best behaved group of kids in the world because not one of us tried to sneak off at night  to look for ghosts- not even me. Something about Port Gamble at night was haunting. Even a kid could feel it. So we stayed in our tents and waited for morning.

In a setting straight out of a Stephen King novel, a supposedly unoccupied house is making noises and sending shivers down the spines of passers-by.

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