Calling Card

WP Prompt: Where did your name come from?

My 5th Great Grandfather- John Godfrey Birth Date 1769 Death Date 12 Sep 1806 Cemetery St Mary the Virgin Church Burial or Cremation Place Cheshunt, Broxbourne Borough, Hertfordshire, England


I am named after my Mom’s


best friend.

They had a falling out over 40 years ago and at that point

my Mom stopped calling me Anita.


I have been Marie to my Mom and most of my family  since then. I answer to both

Anita, Marie or Anita Marie. It’s all the same to me.


Besides, I have seen enough gravestones in my life to know that a name

is only a tag and it’s not what people call you that matters. Its how they

sound when they do it.


I have also learned that naming your kids after your friends isn’t the best idea you

could ever have.

My Great, Great Grandfather: William Robert McDowall 1925 Auld Kirk Cemetery Ontario, Canada

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