Whoo Is There?

This challenge is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

It’s called the Six Minute Challenge. You get a prompt ( this challenge was a picture of Owls ) and six minutes to answer it. Six minutes isn’t a lot of time, but I would encourage you to stick with it.  What I enjoyed the most about this challenge is that you don’t have to edit it, so your reader can see how an idea for a story is ‘born’. Like a human baby sometimes they’re not pretty, a little messy but they are full of promise and adorable in their own way.

So I would encourage you to take Stine’s Six Minute Challenge HERE

My Response:

Artist Unknown

They swarmed  and made a home

in my attic, was it last Fall or the Autumn  before?

Many owls with yellow eyes  took over my house because they

all had a story to tell.


They whisper and chatter

hoot and call, ‘can you hear us Anita? ”

we have a story to tell.

And sometimes I tell them yes and sometimes I say no

and then I tip toe away, as quiet as I can


but I always, every single  time,  check to see

that the lock on my attic door

is shut fast and won’t budge

because ask myself do I really want to know what kind of tales

a swarm of  talking  owls with yellow eyes  in my attic have to tell?

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