When Words Collide



Introduce yourself and your website to Holidailies readers.

Two steps behind, one step ahead, or completely off the rails- when it comes to my writing I can never seem to strike that chord where there’s that balance that thing that makes a story hang together in a way that makes sense.

Not my work, oh no. I get that sense of reality in there but at the end or somewhere down the line things get distorted.

Like all of the sudden my mind’s eye starts seeing the story in a fun house mirror.


So I will take a prompt and start off doing what it says to do when this little voice in my  head says, ” You know what would make this great?”

And the next thing you know I’m like a dog off a leash- and forget catching me because I’ll be half way around the world before you even know I’m gone.

Like a few days ago I wrote a story based on a prompt about a little girl who is a budding writer. She answers the question ” where do you get your ideas from” by jamming her pencil into the questioner’s hand.

In her defense the questioner is the monster, but originally I had a monster show up behind her and start whispering into her ear- much to the horror of her teacher.

It just seemed funnier with the pencil in the hand.



Once someone left a comment that they couldn’t figure out what my blog was about- I said it was a collection of stories and posts based on prompts.

They sent back a question mark.

I replied with this:

killer doll

Now see.

That’s what happens to me when I write.

The prompt was easy enough- introduce myself to Holidailie Readers.

And I ended up wandering all over the Freeway of Life during rush hour.


The picture of the Killer Demon doll is pretty great.


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