From Below Zero


What is your worst quality?


Nobody is perfect, right?

That’s what we say, nobody is perfect.

Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, forgive others when they makes mistakes because nobody’s perfect.


God and the Devil himself help you if you don’t get it right, if you miss the mark because you’ll pay for that in a major way.

I know because missing the good old mark is my biggest flaw.

I’ve never been quite smart enough, pretty enough, good enough. I make it to the bar and screw up every single time.

Do you know what happens when you can’t clear the bar?

You become like me, you stand at the sideline and cheer your friends and family and perfect strangers every time they sail over that bar like Santa and his magical reindeer flying across the moon on Christmas Eve.

It’s a lonely place to be- alone at the foot of that bar. But if you’re not good enough that’s where you end up.

And the view from down there will twist you up in the end.

I figure it’s from always having to look up and slamming into the deck of life  every freaking minute of my life.


I use to think there was going to be a reason for being like this- for having that flaw.

Maybe it will make me more patient, or kind or understanding of  the people around me.

But this is the way the Universe works- it was born of Chaos, it is in Chaos and it will end in Chaos and to me that means nothing has to make sense.

There doesn’t have to be a reason for things that happen to us at all.

Can I take this major flaw and turn it into something good?

Probably not.

Nothing good has ever come from not being quite good enough.

Be a Superstar:

Way to go.

Crash and Burn:

People are really impressed by Human Train Wrecks. I figure it’s because it’s entertaining on some level.

But to just miss that mark? To have people look at you and say ” She or He, they’re ok BUT…”

That will cost you.




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