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Tell us a story behind that thing hanging on your wall over there.

Handmade Voodoo dolls for protection created to ward off negative spirits from your house, room, or wherever you choose to place it. This can also apply to negative influences that others place in your life, or harmful circumstances. They may seem chilling or unnerving, but that is intended to “scare” off unwanted energies.



Does Voodoo work, I’ve been asked.

It’s up to you I’ve replied.

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

I went to New Orleans a couple of years ago, and I think that there are two things you must do in New Orleans,

You have to go the Cemetery and leave Marie Laveau a gift (I left a little vial of perfume) and you have to buy a voodoo doll.

I actually knew what I wanted- dolls to ward off bad spirits.

And it worked- much to my detriment as I would learn later.

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

Photo: A.M. Moscoso

I write about the darkness in the human soul, I write about devilish people and the devilish things they do.

Do you know what happened when I chased those real life devilish things out of my life? When I didn’t want to acknowledge that some people I had let close to me were just toxic waste from the sewers of Hell itself? That death had taken people I had cared about and I refused to acknowledge those feelings of pain and loss?

I lied when I wrote.

I cheated.

I knew the truth about the pain of death, I had looked into the face of some seriously twisted human souls and when I wrote was very careful to know let that into my stories.

Like I said I lied.

But when I let those bad Spirits rattle around in my brain and I put them into stories- I started to really write again.


My dolls, as you can see are still on my wall.

I think they do ward off those bad things- but when it comes down to it warding things off isn’t enough.

Sometimes you have to take a stake and drive it through the monster’s rotten heart.

That’s what I do now every single night- one word at a time.


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