“Hate to Love”

This is what being at peace with yourself and relaxing looks like in words.
I really enjoyed this post and wanted to share it.

Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.


I love and enjoy being outside every day either at the beach or in the mountains enjoying the beauty of mother-nature.

I’m in love with the sounds of leaves shaking from a gentle wind, morning song birds chirping, and the occasional sounds of deer, or other animals walking through a forest.

My mind and soul soften with the sounds of waves upon waves colliding against the shoreline while shore birds walk along searching for food. These moments provides a calm, peaceful, and relaxed feeling.

However, two or three times during the year while enjoying these moments of bliss, I enjoy my guilty pleasure of smoking a fine cigar, preferably a dark colored Connecticut wrapper surrounding a beautiful, robust flavored leaf.
Now, I know it is bad for my health, it leaves my breath smelling bad, and the cigar aroma…

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