The Romantic Adventure Of A Dog Faced Girl

Third Rate Romance

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.

When I was in high school my friend and her husband set me up on a blind date with her brother in law.

We were going to meet at a street fair in Everett- and I agreed to go because why not? He was a musician they said just like me.

So we get up there and meet him by one of the rides and he stops and looks at the three of us- and he goes off like a Roman Candle:

” You set me up with that ugly dog?” He roared into my face. I thought you said she was a guitarist. Bullshit. No way in Hell is THAT  guitarist in a band.

Percilla The Monkey Girl

Percilla The Monkey Girl

He looked around as if we were all blind- couldn’t we see what was happing here? How could he lower himself to be seen with someone resembling  Percilla The Monkey Girl or worse- a Dog Faced Girl?


I won’t mess around , I was embarrassed. I mean he was yelling like someone had walked up to him, taken their hands and messed up his Barry Gibb hairstyle.

But all in all he pretty much summed up how thought of my looks. In fact I agreed with him. I was an ugly mess. I’m still an ugly mess. You want to look good? Come stand next to me.

So what he said about my looks didn’t exactly hurt or surprise me.

What did make me mad was the comment, ” No way is she a guitar player.”

 I was a guitar player, I was actually good and I was in a band where I played lead.

I wasn’t there because I had a boyfriend in the band. I wasn’t there because I was a ‘girl’

I was there because I was a musician.


My friend and her husband were embarrassed too and they both started to apologize with him standing there with his back to us.

All of the sudden he dramatically whirled around and as he stomped off I looked down at his feet.

 He was wearing (hey it was the fashion in those days) these ginormous platform shoes.

 Even with those giant elevator shoes on his feet  I was taller then him by an inch or so- and I’m only five-foot five inches tall.

He caught me looking down at his feet and we both looked up at each other.

I don’t think I smiled.

I didn’t want to smile.

But I probably did.

devil smile

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  1. Judging from your picture, this cannot be a true story, but it still makes me boiling mad. I am so glad the protagonist had such a wicked intelligence and wit. Loved the ending! She’ll do just fine in life. Can’t say much for platform boy, though.

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    I realise I could just make up a story of a “disaster date”, but my own story was much too gruesome to share. So here’s one I found and thought it was pretty cool. Let me know what you think too.

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